Our Story

Doori, meaning 'distance’, is a brand that was developed with the aim of bringing to the market a mask that serves the purposes of both comfort as well as functionality. Having dealt with various challenges whilst wearing masks ourselves, we worked consciously towards creating something
better, more practical, and most importantly more comfortable and breathable for our users.

 After immense research, numerous trials and various stages of development, we believe to have found an optimal combination of shape, structure, and material that we now bring to you in our products.

A selection of made-to-order fabrics with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial finishes have been used for each of Doori’s collections, only magnifying the sheer effectiveness of the brands’ products. All of our fabrics have undergone numerous tests and evaluations that certify their safety when in contact with one’s skin— something we thought was vital given the seemingly endless durations we require to keep them on for.

Our manufacturing facilities are of international acclamation with impeccable safety, hygiene, and cleanliness standards
and our team of skilled craftsmen and women have decades of experience in working with and handling a multitude of fabrics.

As a brand, we began with a pledge to the Akshaya Parta Foundation in support of the incalculable number of migrant workers dealing with their own doori each day, and have since moved our attention to other, smaller organizations and causes that we contribute to on a monthly basis both monetarily as well as not.

Gehna Manglani

Gehna has always been older than her years, but seemingly more than ever after she turned 21 earlier this year. She has always had a flair for entrepreneurship and thinking out of the box; this along with her discipline, attention to detail, and dedication have helped Doori scale to where it is today.

Her time at Parsons School of Design in New York has taught her far more than just how, where and what to shop for and has transformed her into someone that is far more driven and focused with whatever it is she sets her mind to, irrespective of its size, importance or consequence.

Knowing what being attached to and feeling distanced from her loved ones feels like, this self-proclaimed homebody feels compassionately for those in need— especially in times like these. Helping them in any possible way is something she has ensured that the brand now does and will proudly continue to do in whatever way possible!

Nihal Manglani

Nihal grew up in Bangalore and has always felt he had a penchant for sports, fashion and traveling. The boy that most would say almost always had a football or a cricket bat in his hand completed his undergraduate degree in Business Management from Jain University and then went on to live and work in Mumbai immediately after. His drive and eagerness helped him secure a job at Reliance Capital, where he spent a little over a year as an investment researcher.

Nihal then went on to pursue his Masters’ degree in Banking and Finance at Macquarie University in Sydney and graduated from there earlier this year! His constant need to channel his energy onto something, be it on the field or off it, set his entrepreneurial spirit aflame. Days of staying locked up at home have now made him a force to reckon with as he paces up and down the office, door-to-door!