Size Chart

All units are in centimetres

XS 46 111
73 58.5
S 48 116
74.5 59
M 50 123.5
76 59.5
L 52.5 131
77.5 60.3
XL 55 138.5
79 61
XXL 57 146
80.5 61.7
XXXL 59 153.5 152.5 82 62.4

Our journey started in May of 2020 at the very peak of the now long-gone pandemic. Our sole focus was to bring to the market a mask that served the purpose of both comfort and functionality as opposed to just one over the other. It was after a countless number of trials that we were able to achieve our signature styles, and the rest was history! 

Doori’s growth has been organic and exponential to say the least, and the brand very soon became an outlet for us to express and inspire ourselves– be it in the colours, prints and patterns we put on our masks, or the chance we had to live vicariously through our pieces, finding a place in so many homes while we were all locked in our own.

Seeing the world recover, helping and giving back to those around us in our own, small way was a promise we made long before our brand was known to you, this has been our constant source of motivation throughout, and is something that has continued to push and bring us to this very moment.

Our manufacturing facilities are of international acclamation with impeccable safety, hygiene, and cleanliness standards. Our team of skilled craftsmen and women have decades of experience in working with and handling a multitude of fabrics. We are small and tight-knit and function on the basis of trust, familiarity and comfort.

We take clothes running colour very, very seriously! Given that our closets collectively consist of countless pieces of clothing that have been ruined in the wash, we ensure that our clients simply do not face the same issue. Every piece of fabric that comes into our facility undergoes numerous rounds of testing against various parameters in our in-house laboratory before going into trials, let alone production.

Fabric is meticulously checked and rated against various quality metrics throughout the production process, up until it leaves our facility in its final form, be it a shirt, a bag or a scrunchie.